Solar Plexus

The New Solar Plexus - 2012!

Solar Plexus - 1981...

Solar Plexus Concert

at Piedmont Piano Company

March 24, 2013

Time 4:00 pm

1728 San Pablo Avenue  Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 547-8188


We're Baaaack!

Join Solar Plexus in our first reunion and new CD release concert, presented by Flying Rabbit Productions. Playing our unique brand of jazz fusion, Solar Plexus was called "the most promising new jazz group of the year" in 1980 by HIGH FIDELITY magazine. Our CD, "Solar Plexus 5" was recorded in 1981, and has now been mastered and released to an unsuspecting public!


The New SOLAR PLEXUS Features:

Denny Berthiaume - Piano   Rory Snyder - Woodwinds   Eric Golub - Violin

Dave Bendigkeit - Trumpet   Rich Girard - Bass   Rob Gibson - Drums

You may order the NEW (Recorded in 1981!) CD Here:



It’s May 1981. Six musicians, the current crop of players in the San Francisco Bay Area jazz fusion group SOLAR PLEXUS, gather in the Los Altos living room of bassist Jon Ward. During a 3 day period, the band records its last project. No overdubs. No digital recording. Only an Ampex ¼” tape machine in 2-track stereo (4-track tape, 2-track stereo in each direction). Most of the material is done in one take. Only a few tunes are

two takes. The project is rejected by Inner City Records, the band’s label and promoter of its 3rd “album” (SOLAR PLEXUS) and 4th “album” (EARTH SONGS). A month later Inner City is Chapter 11. A year later Solar Plexus disbands, its members going on to other music projects and teaching careers.


Beginning in 1972, Randy Masters (trumpet) and Denny Berthiaume (keyboards) form a band to play its African and South American influenced music. It’s a grand time! Jazz fusion has lately appeared and the band gains a huge following and has the support of local press (i.e., METRO magazine, SJ MERCURY, SF CHRONICLE), clubs (Kuumbwa, Eulipia, Keystone Korner, Garden City). Four albums appear in quick succession:



VOICES (EMI, 1977)

SOLAR PLEXUS (Inner City, 1979)

EARTH SONGS (Inner City, 1980)


HIGH FIDELITY magazine hails Solar Plexus as “the most promising new jazz group of

the year.” Inner City Records is honored as jazz label of the year by DOWNBEAT.


In 2011 the last project is realized with


Dave Bendigkeit (trumpet, composition, co-leader)

Denny Berthiaume (keyboards, composition, co-leader)

Eric Golub (electric viola)

Rory Synder (woodwinds)

Russ Tincher (drums, percussion)

Jon Ward (electric and acoustic basses, composition, engineer)


SOLAR PLEXUS #5 is dedicated to our listeners and to those musicians who appeared in all the Solar Plexus groups.


Denny Berthiaume